Indians – they are differently made

Indians are differently made. Seriously.

At times they are very conservative, brainy & thoughtful and other times they are full of masti and idiotness. Sometimes I feel there is a loose screw in their upper portion and that includes me as well. 🙂

This was not a swimming pool but middle of a sea near Phi Phi island.

This photo is a result when I spotted 3 people having beer in the middle of the sea !! Guess what ?

They were Indians.

The precious little time I got to chat with them from the deck of my moving boat is unforgettable. Shouting at my level best, I spoke to them in Hindi. Sardarji told me, they were from Chandigarh and chilling out in Thailand.

And after that chit-chat when I turned back, whole of boat knew I was from India. 😀
And as usual, were quite amazed to see an Indian woman traveling alone.

On another occasion, in a restaurant two Indians (or Pakistanis, but I assume them to be Indians) were trying to pull one on the waiter. They were so bored of different types of fried rice and chicken dishes that they ordered

veg chicken rice
and chicken shahi korma

Indians !! I love them. 😀

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19 thoughts on “Indians – they are differently made

  1. Anjuli,
    Think of me !! How I would have run to the deck to cheer them up. It’s love for fellow countrymen you see. 😛
    And man! They posed for me with their beer cans saying ‘cheers’.

    In fact there are some more incidents to tell.

  2. Anil,
    Oh, that happens if one overdoes anything and lets the situation go out of control. And they put others’ lives at risk.

    These were fun filled lighter activities but yes, slight mistake and scene would have been different.

  3. Indrani,

    Nigel Babu,
    Welcome here and I agree with what you agree on. 😛
    Keep coming.

    Through this site you have a great opportunity to learn about Indians. 😀

  4. Hobo,
    Yes, and I am so proud to be different. 😀

    Welcome on this site.

    So all agree to what I said. Good. 😛

    Keep coming and keep enjoying.

  5. Nisha, this time while flying back from Bangkok to Delhi. We had an awful time in the plane because of not one, two but three Indian rowdy groups. They made the journey, the worse International flight we’ve ever had. One guy from Delhi was absolutely drunk, might have had 13-14 drinks and was behaving very badly with the air hostess.
    .-= Namita´s last [post] ..Coral Island – Pattaya =-.

  6. Namita,
    I am so much with you on this. These handful of Indians give a bad name to all of us.
    To tell you the fact, we are not liked much abroad as well… by just sheer (mis)behaviour we leave a bad impression everywhere.

    Also, drinking isn’t bad if done moderately. Even I have an incident to quote about these Indians misbehaving with air-hostesses.
    .-= Nisha´s last [post] ..Night Markets at Krabi-I =-.

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