Night Markets at Krabi – I

Night Markets at Krabi – I
Can you believe that till the time I touched Krabi, I had never heard of night markets there ?
If you are in Krabi, you have to make a visit to experience the ultimate charm of these markets. The locals as well as tourists look forward to it eagerly. People staying in Ao Nang or Railey beach area specially make a trip here. Open night markets or pasar malam are a favorite and individual vendors rule the place.

There are basically two main night markets in Krabi; one on weekends and the other on all nights. And I loved both.

Irresistible satay.

First night market I am going to talk about is, the food market on the Khongkha road and is easier to find. The market exclusively caters to your taste buds.

The eating area from a distance.

This market has a picturesque setting on the riverfront close to the promenade next to the piers. I was staying very near to it, so irrespective of my dinner place, I was a daily visitor… if not for food then for cool evening breeze on river docks.

The preparation activities start at around 5 in evenings with vendors bringing in their stuff in pick-up trucks and occupying their places. Within two hours they cut vegetables & salads, make satays & sauces, set up their stalls with food & drinks… ready to be ordered & consumed.
One of the best things about eating street food in Thailand is that it is freshly prepared in front of you and the food stalls cater to all budgets.

One of the stalls.

You can find delicacies such as Thai-style noodles, tender seafood, pancakes and Thai desserts here and it is difficult to choose your menu. You get a wide choice of drinks available… from fresh fruit juices to local concoctions to branded beer.
You can either get a take away or eat it there itself. There is a large seating area behind the stalls to enjoy your food.

The ordered food is being prepared. The river is at the backside.

Note- This food market is so famous that if you reach after 7 PM, it becomes difficult to find a place to sit. And the market gets wrapped up by 9:30-10:00 PM.

Another kind of Krabi night market here.
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  3. need to plan a trip to Thailand soon after the crisis is over..for now, food is on my mind 🙂
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