Sunset at Koh Phayam

Sunset at Koh Phayam

I like this photo very much.

Sky covered with radiance of golden hues mixed with erubescency of sunset …
looking at its own reflection in tranquil water … …

Definitely gives a distinct feel.

Shot at Koh Phayam.

You can watch more skies around the world at SWF.

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35 thoughts on “Sunset at Koh Phayam

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Very nice. I keep thinking of capturing sunset and/or Sunrise but always something comes up. Very difficult to capture these.

    Poetic description is superb.

  2. Thank you all.

    I have many clicks sunset/sunrise to my credit and from time to time I post them. 🙂
    One has to move out of his/her cozy zone , you know. 😛

    Even I like that part. 😀

    R V D,
    Thank you.

  3. I can see why you like it! It,s lovely, I especially like the colors (well, duh!) and the reflection on the water.

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