Temple of Wisdom, Hat Yai

Temple of Wisdom or Wat Hat Yai Nai in Hat Yai.

This temple is famous for a gigantic statue of reclining Buddha measuring 35 meters long, 15 meters tall, 10 meters wide, named Phra Phuttha Hattha Mongkhon. It is said to be the third largest reclining Buddha in the world.

One can also enter the statue’s torso to view the lungs and heart. 😛
The temple was about to close, I couldn’t do that.


You can judge the enormity of statue by looking at the person sitting and praying near steps.


Temple of Wisdom a.k.a. Wat Hat Yai Nai

The temple is located on Phetkasem Road, near Khlong U Taphao Bridge, around 2.2 Km from station. I took a tuk-tuk to visit the place. To & fro and waiting time…. total 80 THB after bargaining.


The feet


Another view.


Reclining graciously….


Place for homage at the back of temple.

Inside the image’s gigantic base or at the back of the temple there is a curious little museum and a souvenir shop. It is also a place to pay homage to your Gods and loved ones by donating and buying a permanent place in the form of photo frames.

I tried to ask details but lack of communication did not allow free flow of conversation. It is a very large hall consisting of a few God idols and all I could understand was they had some gold thin paper like sheets on their foreheads. The priest there asked me to rub it and apply to my forehead. He told it is for purity.
I will upload more photos of this temple later.

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8 thoughts on “Temple of Wisdom, Hat Yai”

  1. I was totally amazed at the size of the statue- the first picture really shows how massive it is when compared to the person sitting and praying near by.


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  3. Ajeya,
    Yes, it is.

    Welcome on this site.

    And what a bunny you made for me. 😀

    Yes, it is.
    Well, Buddha is known for wise things. 🙂

  4. I have seen it. It is huge and I could not capture in one shot. You did a good job in first picture to capture the size. It is very nice.

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