The underwater world

Picture of the moment: The underwater world.
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Unless you go down under, you can not realize how fascinating the underwater world is. The attraction of those amazing colors, the wonderful living things and the feel of being at sea bed makes you want to spend more time there… even if your oxygen cylinder indicates the opposite. 😀

Down under

The fascinating life & colors of underwater… during one of the Scuba diving sessions in Thailand.

Down under

A sea horse trying to hide behind the corals.

Location: Andaman sea, near Phuket.

I have posted a few photos of this trip on my Facebook page and if you want to travel with me on my journeys, you can join me there as well.
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22 thoughts on “The underwater world”

  1. Great Picture no doubt. Like everybody else I have the same question.
    1. Can everybody do this
    2. Is the camera needed expensive
    3. Nearest location (I believe Maldives)

  2. @Sudhir,

    1. No. For OW certifications one needs to be a good swimmer. One has to pass the theory exam first & then practical to be able to start the course.
    2. Well, one can get a reasonably good camera for around $500 – $600.
    3. As I mentioned above, we did a bit of research and found Thailand is much cheaper than other places. There are a few spots in Malaysia also but again they are more expensive than Thailand.

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