Things to know about Bangkok

Have you been to Bangkok? If not this post is for you. Even if you have been there, I am sure you didn’t know all of these. You can read this to know some more.
1) Though most Bangkok canals have been lost to road-building, boating is often considered as the most rewarding city experience maneuvering through the ‘Venice of the East’. Khlongs still thread through the Thonburi west bank and branch into the plantations of Nonthaburi.

temple of wisdom hat yai

A Thai Temple.

2) Escape the de-spiced tourist menus and eat local. Bangkok has encouraged its cooks to borrow from both India and China. And yet, the Central Plains cuisine remains singular in its style and complexity, and is served by most upscale Thai restaurants. Thailand’s most elevated culinary form – making use of fresh local herbs, seafood and meats in piquant salads, spicy soups tell us the story.
3) Bangkok tourism isn’t complete if you don’t get some silks stitched for yourself. The cloth & the stitching charges are too tempting to resist. Typically run by Thai-Indians, they can tailor bespoke suits and dresses for bargain prices. Remember not to fall for the ‘24-hour with free kimono’ packages over optimum quality and service.
4) Dance to Thai beat, music, dance & drama or shadow puppetry… literally in any form! Taxis play morlam, the infectious, upbeat folk music from Isaan. Classical embodies sacred rites & channels the gods.
5) Get soaked in the purest expression of the sensual Thai culture. Markets and roving carts with their kaleidoscope of scents (flowers & fruits), sounds, sights, touch and tastes for you to experience.

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