Visiting Thailand

Yesterday we were invited to a friend’s place where 10-12 more guests had joined. While chatting over dinner somebody from the group asked me why I love Thailand and why I keep going there again & again.

The question left me thinking for a minute as what lures me to that country. I mean there are many other countries in South-East Asia, then why Thailand?

First, there are no two countries similar to each other. Each country has its own character.

krabi river

Beautiful sight along the river!!

Well, who does not like the exotic food of Thailand? Or the pristine beaches it has? Or the beautiful Wats? Or the exciting underwater world?

There are enough reasons to be in that country full year round.

If you see Thailand map, you’ll find that southern Thailand is very different from the eastern side or the mainland. Mostly people visit Bangkok, Pattaya and neighboring places and come back as if they just wanted to tick off the country from their list.

I must tell you, they are the most commercialized places to visit. You’ll find backpacker’s lane, crowded shops & streets, people high on drugs & alcohol, and so on. Of course it has a bubbling night life as well!

But come to southern side of Thailand, you’ll find it so different. Except Phuket, the things are quite calmed down. You can have cool river cruises, learn rock climbing or scuba diving or simple admire the local culture & food; not much of international brands keep looking at you all the time.

Have you visited Thailand ? If yes, how did you plan it? Was there any kind of influence in the form of gorgeous photos, interesting stories, or food? Or was it a sheer peer pressure? 😛
Did you plan your own trip or contacted Thailand Tourism to help you?

Any which way, you’ll find Thailand very inviting.

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