When I went camping in Bamboo Island

During my backpacking trip to Thailand, one day while I was chatting with a few locals, the name of Bamboo Island popped up. I was anyway exploring the possibilities of visiting some new places, so I decided to go there.
Travelling without any agenda or destination in mind, gives you freedom to choose your pace & place. There is no hurry to rush into things.

Bought a ticket from a tour agent for THB 1500 and off I went to this very small island. Koh Phai (Bamboo Island) as it is known locally, is a flat evergreen island with fine white sand and beautiful crystal clear water.

After checking into a tent by the shore, I went into the woods. It is a fairly small island and you can walk around the whole perimeter in about 45 minutes. I took more time since I wanted to soak in the place.

camping in bamboo island @lemonicks.com

Isn’t it a beautiful place to stay ?

There was something mystical about this island which held me spellbound. The place was not very crowded. Roaming around inside the bamboo jungle actually fascinated me. Not for a single second I felt scared. I was alone yet I felt safe. Whooshing sound of sea breeze and chirping of birds made me feel at home.
I could also see some clusters of tents and roosters scrambling around with their full throated crowing.
camping in bamboo island @lemonicks.com

This kid was feeding the rooster & they had started hiding because of my camera. Can you see it?

Bamboo Island is ideal & famous for camping and snorkeling. People come here, stay for a few days and learn snorkeling. I found there was a second kind of group who stop for 1-2 hours of snorkeling and hop onto another island.
camping in bamboo island @lemonicks.com

Island hoppers of a day trip engaged in snorkeling.

I stayed for one night. Tent was basic and the toilets were made of a mix of wood & bamboo.
Tropical fruits, tea, coffee, a bar and barbecue dinner. What else do you need? 😀

The locals were very friendly. Despite the language barrier, I played beach games and football (made of coconut shell) with them. This was where I learnt to say “Thank you” in Thai.
When I returned the ball to one of the players, he said “cupp” (कप्प) meaning Thank you. I had heard this word before so I started using that word immediately.

camping in bamboo island @lemonicks.com

Handball match is in progress.

They smiled & said something amongst themselves, I was happy at my achievement and there was no way they could communicate to let me know that I was wrong.

Later at BBQ dinner time someone who could speak a bit of English explained to me that “cupp” is used by men & women should use “cupp-un-ka” (कप्प अन का). 🙂

Next day when I was leaving, there was another round of “cupp”s & cupp-un-ka”s but the correct ones. 😀
It was great fun staying there. I could have stayed several days but I needed to move on to my next unknown destination.
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19 thoughts on “When I went camping in Bamboo Island”

  1. The place looks really beautiful! and like Arun, it reminded me too of another place…. near Alibag… we had been there from school and it was so secluded and beautiful then, but when we went there recently, it was packed with tourists! i rushed away at once!

  2. The place sounds divine!!! I mean if you want to get away from it all- isn’t this the perfect setting? Really had a good smile at the ‘thank you’ mix up! This is what traveling is all about- learning- interacting- enjoying.

  3. Lovely place!

    We had a similar experience with our first Thai “Ko”. We headed to Ko Muk not knowing anything about it and it turned out to be a real paradise. And this is also where I learned to say “Thank you”, like you 🙂

  4. I am planning a night of camping on this gorgeous island in the next couple of weeks– do you recommend trying to book a tent before hand? Will the be sold out if we arrive without arrangements? Please let me know!

    Thank you!


  5. Kathleen,
    This is off season so there should not be any difficulty in landing there without any prior arrangements.

    However, when you book ferry tickets, you can ask them. They generally have contacts on the island and you might get a discount as well. 🙂

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