Dubai, then & now

Facts about Dubai, UAE
So it was Dubai, UAE again a few days back. It is fun when you visit a place more than once. It keeps you wondering about some familiarities that you observe & compare with your last visit’s.

Here are a few of them.
– Right from the immigration to all over the city, there were too few people last time. Either expats or Tourists, owing to the recession. Now there were a lot more.
– Only public transport earlier was the sparse but comfortable buses. Otherwise cabs were the only way to move around. Metro was being built. Now it is working on at least the more important routes. I was told the project is being delivered as planned.
– The only problem about Metro is that it does not start on Fridays before 2:00pm !

security check Dubai airport

Baggage screened !

– The tallest tower, Burj Khalifa (earlier Burj-e-Dubai), is now completed.
– Free internet at Dubai International now. Don’t remember this from my last trip.
– On the other hand free internets from Malls have been discontinued. Don’t know why. And in hotels, they are way too expensive.
– You can see people from almost all countries of the world working here at various positions. Most people working in Malls and Restaurants are from either Indian Sub Continents or Filipinos. I may be wrong though.
– There were more tourists and people in general in the malls and on the roads. Also it was pleasing to see foreigners attired in more comfortable dresses, minis and the ubiquitous jeans.
– It is a misconception that Dubai hotels are expensive. Of course they do have the most expensive ones but there are areas where you may find inexpensive ones as well.
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9 thoughts on “Dubai, then & now

  1. I enjoyed seeing your observations and comparisons. It has been awhile since I was last in Dubai- so I’m sure I would have some of your same observations.

  2. I also thought hotels were crazy expensive there! Glad to see there is something for budget travelers as well.

    Friday is a day off for Muslims, no?

  3. @Neeraj,
    Please check Burdubai & Deira area. You’ll get few options under $40 as well. Otherwise yes, it is an expensive place.

    Next time when you go out of USA, try to include Dubai in your route. 🙂

  4. @Shrinidhi,
    Oh, is that so? Can you pls elaborate else I can’t really comment.

    Yes, Friday off for them but it should not be off for public transport ! 😀

  5. @Manish,
    As I mentioned above, though Dubai is an expensive city, you can get few options under $40 as well in Burdubai & Deira area.

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