Transiting at Dubai

I have been to western countries innumerable times. And the flights taken were mainly Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, Swiss Air, Turkish Airlines etc. Almost every time the flight would halt at the base city (as the case maybe) before taking off again for the final destination. Frankfurt, Zurich, Bern, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Istanbul … you name it and the possibility is that I have changed flights or waited at the airports of these cities for onward journey.

Then comes Dubai, the city of Charms. While going to western countries one doesn’t necessarily stop here (unless the airlines belongs to this region). That discrimination doesn’t leave it behind in the race! Dubai has achieved it by becoming a stopover city for flights going to Mauritius! So two trips to Mauritius made us stop here four times…. Going and return.

security check Dubai airport

Baggage screened !

Besides that, we have been to Dubai also and liked the city very much. Spotless buildings, shining malls, clean roads, trees so perfectly shaped. Everything is so flawlessly built and maintained that at times it looks unrealistic.
At the time of Annual Dubai festival it’s hard to get cheap tickets. All Mumbai Dubai and Delhi Dubai flights are booked much in advance and one ends up paying more. I have never been there during the shopping festival but how I wish there was an Air Asia flight to Dubai as well!

I will wait for the day when my favourite airlines starts operating thru Dubai so I can visit it once again.

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