Street Performers at Circular Quay

Before I start telling you the details of Aurangabad trip or show you more photos, I take you to Sydney in Australia.

Here is a video shot on the streets of Sydney near Circular Quay, one of my favourite places to spend time. Come weekend and like in any other tourist place in this world, the streets are full of activities.
A street performer was demonstrating his art of doing spray painting to earn a few bucks. And he took less than 4 minutes to do it.
Even before he completes his first work of this art, he gets enough orders to spend the whole evening.

While he completes his work within minutes, we spectators watch him for hours.

The original is much better in quality. I had to compromise it to upload the video.

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21 thoughts on “Street Performers at Circular Quay”

  1. Renu,
    To earn money like this is a regular thing abroad. Here only a few select try to earn by doing some work.
    Most of others try an easy way out… begging. 😀 And unfortunately we encourage them.

  2. I remember listening to a performer singing in French there. That say, I felt homesick and lost in Australia… he cheered me up. It is a great place to watch performers!

  3. Aaahhh, five kms from my home. I’ve seen this guy in action. He is very popular with visitors and Circular Quay is a great place to find visitors being sandwiched between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, with ferries leaving all day for other parts of Sydney.

  4. Mark,
    Yeah, he doesn’t even have time to look up and see who is ordering the next one. And his hands are so accustomed that they decide what should be theme of next painting.

    Sydney is one of my favourite places in this world and Circular Quay happens to be a very touristy place in that city. 🙂

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