Why you should not plan a cruise!

The year is many years ago. Time, around sundown. I am leaning on the railing of Circular Quay, Sydney. Coffee in one hand and camera in the other, standing with V but neither of us talking, because we were dumbstruck and our respective jaws dropped.
Not by the Opera House, that is behind us. Not by the Harbour Bridge, we’d seen it often enough. We’d climbed the towers, gone across and sailed underneath, witnessed fireworks off it. That could not hold our attention.

The reason for our “mum-mification” is a huge ocean liner berthed at the Circular Quay Port. Natural light is already fading and the bright lights of the luxury liner make it appear as a floating five star hotel.

We overheard some passerby saying that was the world famous QE2.
star libra cruise @lemonicks.com

BTW, this is not QE2. 😛

After a while we get back our jaws back to our natural position and we both speak together and say the same thing. “We must go in one of those, one day.”

Well, we started making the plans. It does not cost much, just a couple of more cups of coffees, if you will. Following are a few pointers which we discussed and, well, agreed.

First was how long should be the cruise. The cruise length can be from 2-3 days to an extended year long affair. We knew by instinct that we would not be able to afford the year long one. 🙂 A week, may be, at the most 10 days, it would be.

The Location, this is related to the earlier point partly and the pricing too. Since we did not agree on the location, we thought that we would hold this decision for later. 🙂

Timing… when should we undertake the cruise. We just thought, when the pricing is right is the right answer. 😛 The underlying philosophy is, to ensure our cash resources last longer, we can always squeeze time out of our respective professions.

We knew about travel insurance but what about Cruise Travel Insurance? The questions in our mind was how different would be the run of the mill travel insurance to specialty travelling. I knew adventure travel insurance was a bit different.

We listed down points that needed to be asked the cruise company and insurance company. What type and level of medical facility are available onboard. Our discussions ranged from health issues, to lost baggage to, will the insurance cover if the vessel develops an irreparable snag, how do we get back home then. What happens if we are Ship-wrecked and get stranded on one of those beautiful beaches we see in the movies. 😀

It was well past midnight when we sort of concluded our comprehensive plan. Unfortunately, even after several years, the plan has not seen the light of day till now. 🙁 Makes me wonder, when we planned less we actually fulfilled it and every time we did extensive plan, it remained just that!

6 thoughts on “Why you should not plan a cruise!

  1. Very interesting take on plans and planning :)Yes I do believe its OK to have a broad plan but its more fun when we do things spontaneously and on the spur of the moment.

    Best wishes for enjoyable holidays 🙂

  2. Hope all that planning works out sometime soon, Nisha!!! this happens to me all the time… we painstakingly plan out trips which never seem to materialise while completely unplanned trips suddenly just seem to work! maybe we shd completely stop planning?

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