Wandering Wednesday Photo – Quiz


Can you guess what & where could it be?

Look carefully.

A melting ice cream?
Some pudding?
A crater ?

Clue 1 : It has a smell (good or bad … I am not telling you).
Clue 2 : The picture was not taken in India.

I can not reveal more than that. 😀

The result and the winner will be published later. If needed, I’ll moderate the comments for this post.
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28 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday Photo – Quiz

  1. Nandan,
    So, what’s your choice finally ? 🙂

    Pathar, mountain rock or spinning wheel of a potter?
    Look at the first clue. Do rocks smell? 😀

  2. Celine,
    That’s not done. You should participate too. 🙂

    One has to think from all angles. See Nandan’s guesses. Can’t you think of anything that comes to your mind after seeing the picture ? 🙂

  3. What a weird picture. Initially the only thing I could think about was an overflowing gutter! And it smells(yuck).
    But do they have open drains outside of India? Hmm…maybe, I’m sticking with that 🙂

  4. Sid,
    That shows how our imaginations run through. 😛

    Usually one should stick to an instinct that comes first. So, there you are.

    And not all places outside India can be as clean as we see them in pictures. 🙂

    I throw open your guess to other participants. What do you say, wrong or right ? 😀

  5. Mumbai paused,
    Is that so ?
    But I don’t think I have ever seen Tiger Wood in real life leave alone reaching his bum.

    Good try but won’t tell you if it’s wrong or right. 🙂

  6. Manish,
    I saw that post. I never knew it’s there in Andaman also. Good find.

    Thanks for sharing it. And aapke Munnar wale posts bade rochak ho rahe hain. 🙂

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