Canary Islands

One of the most exotic places I want to spend my time is in Canary Islands, also known as the Canaries.

Situated just off the north-west coast of mainland Africa, this cluster of islands is a holiday paradise for everyone. Wonderful all year round weather conditions, great natural attractions, and booming nightlife make the islands a major tourist destination.
Whether you are going as a family, a couple or a bunch of friends; want to relax or try some adventurous stuff, it has plenty to offer. Just choose the right island and you will have a dream holiday in the Canary Islands.

One of the most popular and the largest of them all is Tenerife. From white sand beaches, waterfront opera house to 12,000 feet high volcano of Mount Teide, it has so much that you would not want to come back. If you climb Mount Teide during winters, you can often see it covered with snow.
And you can always find cheap Tenerife holidays to enjoy Tenerife for longer period.

Most of the tourists head to south of Tenerife as summer months are much hotter in there. Here the sea temperature drops further during winter but it is not very low to discourage you from swimming.

Every February, the island’s capital Santa Cruz hosts a fortnight long carnival. It’s the place to head for a hot, hedonistic period of stamina-sapping street parties, making it the perfect escape from cold, gloomy days of winter. It’s time to throw off the mantle of tourist and get into the Latin spirit.

Another popular island of the Canary Islands to visit is Lanzarote. It offers favourite weather all year round and a mix of white sands with black volcanic beaches, some of them secluded but close to local amenities.

Lanzarote holidays is an experience in itself.
During February carnival time, there are parades which are celebrated with Spanish gusto and are fun to watch.
There is volcanic underwater landscape to see and different types of water sports to do. Heaven for bikers and horse riders with many routes alongside beautiful countryside and the desert for a unique and exciting camel riding experience. While different large sized theme parks with natural collections, marine life and animals & birds await you, four mile long Atlantida Tunnel dazzles you.
Concerts, discos, night life, shopping, plenty of pubs & bars serve you local Canarian delicacies as well as international cuisines.

Tell me, who would not want to visit the place ?
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  1. Renu,
    Have you seen my photos of my recent trip of Thailand ? The water is so differently coloured. 🙂

    I have some photos on Picasa & Facebook. Also check for ‘Thailand’ on this site itself.

  2. Ashes,
    I haven’t visited it yet but would like to. Such a lovely place.

    Yes, once in a while I do write sponsored reviews if it agrees with the rules & guidelines I have. They help me with hosting costs etc. Not more than that. 😀

    If you are really interested then let’s talk offline. Pls contact me thru contact page mentioned in the navigation bar.

  3. oh, i thought you had gone there! we have been to gran canaria and stayed there for 4 days with our son who was 6 months then. it was his first time at sea, we had a relaxing time 🙂 lovely island.

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