Make the Best of 24 Hours in Cape Town

This is the sixth post in this batch of Guest-post series on this site. The contributions are from people like you and me but not necessarily from the blogging world. We see, observe and experience many mundane things in our daily life. The flavours are different but the interest is common in these posts … and that is Travel.
Over to Amy Baker.
If you are lucky enough to be embarking on a trip to Cape Town I would recommend that you give yourself a good amount of time to get to know the city, its many sights … Read the rest

Trail of two cities

When I went to Sydney first, I started doing my research on the place, which I mostly do. I distinctly remember having noticed another city which was almost on the same latitude, lying on the southern hemisphere but separated by many thousand Kilometers.
I had made a mental note that I would visit this other town some time in my life. I shall club it with my visit to Africa. Any guesses? You are right. I am talking about Cape Town.

Being on the same latitude and both being sea ports ensure that the two places have a rather similar … Read the rest