Looking thru a Tree

I love seeing the sky. But not as we normally do. I love to see it through something, be it a glass or a mesh or a tree. It always gives me a different perspective.

Earlier also, I have captured it through the net here. And this photo was the same morning without any obstruction.

Siem Reap @lemonicks.com

A Stupa and a tree.

Here in this picture, it looks like the tree is protecting the Stupa by surrounding it or is it that the Stupa has grown some hair… Read the rest

Why I chose to teach in Cambodia

Why I chose to teach in Cambodia

Sometimes selecting type of volunteer work can be very interesting and of course, challenging. 🙂
You should go for a program what you like to do, or can do as per your profession, hobby or condition of physical health.

When I went to Cambodia for volunteering, I had a few choices as well.

My first choice was to work for a women’s home in eastern Cambodia where sexually abused women & girls were housed but there were a couple of hitches. First, it was my first time with that NGO. Being a … Read the rest

Angkor What ?

Picture of the moment: Angkor What ?
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my world.
You can see more Pictures of the moment here.

‘Angkor What?’ started it all.
‘Angkor What’ is apparently the oldest pub in Siem Reap and probably the reason for the name ‘Pub Street’.

Angkor what pub street @lemonicks.com

Angkor What, the oldest pub in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The signature covered walls in luminescent paint and black … Read the rest

Lheang, my Hero

As you all know I have just returned back after volunteering in a school in Cambodia. This story is about a student Thoch Chorlheang and my special bond with him.

It was my first day at school as a volunteer teacher in a new town of a new country. I felt like a kid who was going to start his first ever day of education. Lack of a common language had made me both excited and nervous. I was wondering how I am going to communicate with students who understood very little or no English.
I had already charted … Read the rest

Living an expat life

Living an expat life

As I sip Chinese tea sitting in my balcony, I try to look back at the time spent in this country.

I live in an urbanized village of Siem Reap, Cambodia. There is no electricity in the area for last 3 hours and I am told that around 6 years back they had electricity for only 3-4 hours a day. It’s quite an improvement, they say. The morning is not very hot … a cloudy day again.

Living an expat life in cambodia @lemonicks.com

Awesome Sun emerging, overpowering the dark night.

The tea is prepared on a small gas camp stove; the … Read the rest