Stop cribbing, Bangaloreans!

Stop cribbing, Bangaloreans!
My trips to Bangalore are always intriguing. While some of the locals crib about the place for one reason or the other, the beautiful city of gardens, Benne dosa and filter coffee gets me hooked every time I visit it.

I have been to many, many cities and here are five reasons why I think Bangalore is better than any other metro city of India.

1. Greenery – It is not by chance the city has earned the moniker “Garden City”. The city indeed has trees lined up on both sides of almost all the streets, even smallest of them and it is not some new plantation drive by the present government. It’s been like this since my first visit many years ago. There are several parks and gardens, that are scattered around the city. Sure, urbanization has claimed some of the green patches, but it is still, by far the “greenest” city in India.

2. Weather – The moment I step in the city, what

Review: 1947 Veg. Indian Restaurant

Recently I was in Bangalore for a hop, skip and run kind of a trip. But that does not mean I can not enjoy some delicacies at a decent place. Right ? Here is review of a Veg. Indian restaurant named 1947.

As the name suggests, this vegetarian family restaurant situated at Banashankari III on outer ring road near Deve Gowda Petrol pump, is with an ambience of year 1947 in contemporary period.


The side entrance is through the stairs and leads to 2nd floor restaurant.

If you don’t want to take stairs, lift is waiting for you but then you’ll miss

The year that was.. 2009

The year 2009 is gone. It was satisfying as far as travel is concerned. Except for one or two, all places were new to me. Not many to count but observed and learnt a lot during the course.
And all these trips were personal trips, not work related.

It was Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule to begin with. Temples, forts and beaches greeted us with stories of their own.

Then it was Bangaluru. solo trip. Somehow I felt more uncomfortable in going

Yet again

A story – The guy in question travels a lot. His other name is ‘a frequent flyer’.  The day before yesterday he was to take last flight of Spicejet airlines on Bengaluru – Pune sector.
Both these places have only one airport catering to both domestic & international flights. The scanning of baggage takes place behind the scene and not in front of the passenger.

The guy always has a laptop and one more baggage (this time an overnighter) which invariably gets checked in