Largest Tricycle in the World

Largest Tricycle in the World

Have you seen the largest tricycle in the world ? Not just a showpiece but a working one which you can ride also ?

largest tricycle in the world

One staff member went up and in fact rode it for a while.

The tricycle is 41 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 3 tons with the wheel diameter of 17 feet. It is 37 feet 4 inches long. The Tricycle is powered by the pedal, chain sprockets and gears.

K Sudhakar, brainchild of … Read the rest

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. And this photo should remind all of us of something.

Use condoms for safe sex and avoid AIDS.

P.S.- I saw this condom shaped car in a museum. It has an engine of a 100 cc motorcycle and since it is a car, it has four wheels (including 2 smaller ones on the sides).
It has a comfortable seat and you can notice the headlight and sidelights as well.
This is not just a model, it runs on the road too !

Can you guess where could it be ?

car museum

A condom shaped car.Read the rest

Sorry, single woman not allowed !

Sorry madam, single woman are not allowed !

Have you heard of this phrase ?
I have. I have experienced it.

The Charminar (Mosque of the Four Minarets)….

I was traveling alone to Hyderabad…  June 2009. I remember clearly; it was a Saturday, a public holiday when I had decided to see Charminar (Four towers) and it’s surroundings. After satisfying myself with the time spent at Mecca mosque, I moved forward towards famous and charming Charminar.

There was utter chaos and … Read the rest

My little adventures

I was traveling alone to Hyderabad. While I flew back from there; my journey to the city of Nawabs & Biryanis was booked by train. The train was from VT station at night around 10:30 if I remember correctly. Now I am not a very brave woman to venture out alone at night but I don’t let others know about it.

I travel light so had just a rucksack and my handbag. I could have taken a cab directly for the station which would have costed me a few hundred rupees and a few hours in Mumbai traffic.
But anywhere … Read the rest

The year that was.. 2009

The year 2009 is gone. It was satisfying as far as travel is concerned. Except for one or two, all places were new to me. Not many to count but observed and learnt a lot during the course.
And all these trips were personal trips, not work related.

It was Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule to begin with. Temples, forts and beaches greeted us with stories of their own.

Then it was Bangaluru. solo trip. Somehow I felt more uncomfortable in going … Read the rest