The Year That Was 2011

The Year That Was 2011
Another year. Another set of to-dos. And a time to look back and take stock …
Yes, I know I am late to do this post but by only a few days and since I am travelling, I can be excused. 😛

Sometimes we travel to too many places and at times we don’t have enough.
The year 2011 started in the Philippines. We celebrated our Christmas & new year in that country. Besides the capital Manila, we could explore some part of it but Batad was a place which left mark on my life. However, as I always say, any place on this earth can never be counted as ‘done’.

The year 2011 was not very good in terms of travel. There were always some issues cropping up and I had to cut short or cancel many trips either midway or before the start irrespective of the locale, foreign or Indian.
This time when I was about to leave India, my doctor, instead of telling, asked me “Are you fit to travel?”. So, that’s about it.

Anyway, I’ll let the pictures speak of the places I visited in the year 2011. I think I did more than this. If anyone of you recall, please let me know. I always think I have more memories than photos of a place.


hiking in Batad
Looks easy? It is world’s one of the most difficult places for hiking and any other

Bamboosa at Lavasa

One of the main attractions of Lavasa is Bamboosa. As the name suggests, it is about bamboo which is nurtured in Lavasa’s Bamboo forests. Lavasa Corporation employs local people and artisans to craft bamboo products. The idea of having the factory and the showroom at the same place is good as we get to see what actually goes into making all these works of arts.


A wrist watch in the making.

They have a

Lavasa at night

Night photography requires special equipment and a steady hand. I had neither.

Right. On my casual trip to Lavasa, I was carrying a not so fancy camera and was so excited with meeting other people that I was almost running like a small pup whose owners have come back home. You get the picture. 🙂
Still I could not resist myself from clicking a few shots when I saw those colorful reflections of light on Lavasa lake.

Have a look.

Lavasa at night

Lavasa lake.

The Lavasa Women’s Drive

When I received an invitation to attendLavasa Women’s Drive’ event and review the Lavasa experience, I took it as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of modern woman in true sense… to extend my support to the cause, to air my views to this world, to meet other wonderful people and of course to explore the so called ‘European’ town Lavasa.

My day started quite early before dawn as if I was to catch a morning flight. Not a very difficult task. It being a Sunday, V offered to drop me at the venue Bandra Reclamation, which I accepted without a blink and didn’t even thank him !

The ground looked like a mini carnival with hordes of people and cars. Every participating car had a message to share and almost all of them had donned as if for a fancy dress competition, screaming out their support for various causes.

Lavasa Women’s Drive

Dressed in pink, shouting to fight cancer.

Unknowingly, my

Weekend at Lavasa

I was invited on a 2 day trip to Lavasa to attend the Lavasa Women’s Drive (LWD), an annual event to promote awareness of breast cancer. This event is a car rally driven by women, starts from Mumbai to Lavasa. This year there were two legs, one from Mumbai and another from Pune.

The other attractions of this trip included exploring Lavasa and meeting with other wonderful people from different fraternities, some of them happened to be bloggers as well.

Lavasa pink top

I started & supported the day by wearing pink. 😉