Seek admission in Rishi Valley School

This post is especially written for those who want to seek admissions for their wards in Rishi Valley School. I get innumerable queries about the school and its procedures.

I am in no way related to the school, nor am I promoting it by virtue of this post. I stayed there for a day and I am stating the facts which I saw there or made available to me.

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Rishi Valley School – The over 350 acres school, a modern … Read the rest

I would love to be a part of it

I would love to be in this school. No, this is not a scene from mythological, historical ruins but an unique modern international school. The school “Rishi Valley School” is a modern Gurukulam based on Jiddu Krishnamurthy‘s principles.

Classes are held in open on stone benches. There are no day scholars and the teachers too live in the campus. There are many international students at all levels and a long queue to get into the school.

Isn’t that interesting ? I have written a detailed post about it here and I get too many queries for admission as if … Read the rest

Madanapalle – Shantiniketan of South India

MadanapalleThe official summer head quarters of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Madanapalle is an educational and cultural center from the days of Dr. Annie-Besant, the theosophist who chose this town for founding the Theosophical College. The medical institutions like the Govt Hospital, M.L.L Hospital, and Rajkumari Amrutkaur T.B.Research Center and Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science (MITS) are worth mentioning.

Decades ago, the principal of Besant Theosophical College, Dr James Cousins had invited his close friend Rabindranath Tagore, the chancellor of the college, to Madanapalle town in Andhra Pradesh.

That was the place which inspired Tagore to Read the rest

Madanapalle – Rishi Valley

Last week I happen to visit Rishi Valley School near Madnapalle on a short notice. Madanapalle is in Andhra Pradesh, 130 Kms from Bangalore. Also known as Shantiniketan of South India and The Ooty of Andhra, it is a lovely place to deserve a visit. Why ? Read on. 🙂

In all, it was a three day trip including one day in train. Well, when I am asked to accompany someone, I put my conditions sometimes. 😉
So while going it was my way of traveling (train, bus, autoricksha), the return was private taxi & airplane.
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