A road trip again

I am now done with my personal occupations and am itching to travel. It’s been months (atleast I think so) since we have driven somewhere outside Mumbai. Self driven road trips are always fun where you can stop and admire the surrounding beauty at your wish.

black clouds @lemonicks.com

Somewhere chasing the black clouds….

So, starting tomorrow early morning, we … Read the rest

Morachi Chincholi

I had read somewhere about a place which has more than 2,000 peacocks in the entire vicinity. So, one fine morning this monsoon we found ourselves driving down to a small village called Morachi Chincholi in Maharashtra.

Throughout the journey I was visualizing myself surrounded by & dancing with those beautiful birds. The child in me wanted to do some more mischief, just like I used to, when I was actually a child.
dancing peacock in Morachi chincholi @lemonicks.com

Dancing in full glory.

Morachi Chincholi‘, means ‘village of dancing peacocks’, and true to its name, it indeed has abundant of them! On reaching we … Read the rest

Nighoj potholes

Nighoj potholes (कुंड)
Located around 20 kms from Chincholi is a village called Nighoj.
No, we are not talking about this sleepy village in rural Maharashtra which comes alive only during Janamashtami festival when lakhs of devotees throng to witness a miracle, that of an earthen pot of water coming out of a well in the village. There is an interesting story attached to it which shall be told at a later date. 🙂

Instead, we are here to see another wonder of nature…. the potholes of Nighoj !

nighoj potholes @lemonicks.com

Have you seen such river banks?

This place needs to … Read the rest