Unclean India

I am ashamed to say that we Indians have no civic sense, responsibility or duty towards society. It is beyond my thinking how even so called ‘educated’ people can be so ignorant or probably they choose to be ignorant.

The other day I was told by someone who landed at Mumbai international airport, how Indians pounced upon a trail of trolleys coming their way, just to be the first in race to collect baggage.

There are many fronts where we behave worse than animals but today I am talking about only cleanliness & hygiene which is foremost challenge for us.… Read the rest

Look ma ! A ship !

Last Sunday we went to Juhu beach. Not because we like this place but for something unusual that has happened here recently.

ship at Juhu beach @lemonicks.com

Planning to enter our house ?

Well, what will you do when you wake up one morning, only to see a huge ship coming at your doorstep?

Yes, that’s what happened a few days back in Mumbai. An old unmanned ship called Wisdom on way to Gujarat from Colombo decided to … Read the rest