Skyline and the sky

Skyline and sky
These days I never cease to look out of my window. It’s such a lovely scene.
Monsoons have arrived and the surroundings are lush velvety green with some trees and water bodies thrown around.

Skyline and sky. I can see skyline at a distance, desperately trying to reach out to clouds. Instead, clouds come down to touch them. 🙂

skyline and sky

Skyline and the sky.

I can also … Read the rest

I miss you, Mumbai !

Dear Mumbai,
How are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you on every front. Hope the New Year started off well for you.
Sitting here in Siem Reap, I miss you very much, my Mumbai.

I miss your chaoticness, your liveliness. And your rains too.

Dawn in mumbai

Blue sky at dawn in Mumbai.

I don’t mind your unclean beaches, it is always better than … Read the rest

The Year That Was 2011

The Year That Was 2011
Another year. Another set of to-dos. And a time to look back and take stock …
Yes, I know I am late to do this post but by only a few days and since I am travelling, I can be excused. 😛

Sometimes we travel to too many places and at times we don’t have enough.
The year 2011 started in the Philippines. We celebrated our Christmas & new year in that country. Besides the capital Manila, we could explore some part of it but Batad was a place which left mark on my life. … Read the rest

Unclean India

I am ashamed to say that we Indians have no civic sense, responsibility or duty towards society. It is beyond my thinking how even so called ‘educated’ people can be so ignorant or probably they choose to be ignorant.

The other day I was told by someone who landed at Mumbai international airport, how Indians pounced upon a trail of trolleys coming their way, just to be the first in race to collect baggage.

There are many fronts where we behave worse than animals but today I am talking about only cleanliness & hygiene which is foremost challenge for us.… Read the rest