Anything can be alive and awesome

This Alive is Awesome series is impelling me to go deep down the memory lanes and relive the stories associated with it. There are so many incidents and stories that I find it difficult to choose from. However, here is something that I thought I must share with you all. 😀

What is an adventure for you? Doing something which a common man/ woman / child does not do? Something which your folks do not want you to do but you still find fun in it? Whatever is the reason, if somebody does not want you to do something, probability … Read the rest

The Year That Was

Another year. Another set of to-dos. And a time to take stock… Don’t frown for this late post, we are still in January month. 🙂

Year 2008 was a good year in terms of travel for me. I managed to balance between my work related and personal travels. All the trips were short since now I don’t go on long term trips.
In the year 2008 I have been to a few places abroad (USA & Europe) and in India. I am yet to write about my foreign trips mostly because I hardly get to see a newer … Read the rest