Wine as a souvenir

Before I could even blink, I realized this month is about to pass by in a jiffy. I have been extremely busy with my travels, assignments, festivals and hordes of guests. At times I was travelling and my guests were waiting here in Mumbai. In fact they welcomed me home when I returned. Such was past one month or so. And it appears it is going to be the same till new year !

When you have guests and Indian festivals (especially Diwali) going hand in hand, wine bottles are the order of the day. And what better way to … Read the rest

The forgotten Silk Route – Jelep La

This is the fifth post in this batch of Guest-post series on this site. The contributions are from people like you and me but not necessarily from the blogging world. We see, observe and experience many mundane things in our daily life. The flavours are different but the interest is common in these posts … and that is Travel.
Over to Korak Basu.
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East Sikkim is a place of virgin beauty. Most of us are unaware of the rich flora and fauna and wildlife of this region. So there we were- a group … Read the rest

Changu Lake, Sikkim

2000 feet below Nathu la Pass (India-China border), and on way to it, there is a splendid blue-green water lake called Changu Lake or Tsomgo Lake. In Bhutia language it is literally known as “source of the lake”.


Beautiful view of Changu lake. It was very cloudy that day.

Just about 40 kms. away from Gangtok, this serene lake is … Read the rest

Year 2010 in travel

Warning: This is a colorful post. 🙂
Before I start writing about my recent trip of Philippines and Malaysia, I thought it better to recollect how was the year 2010 for me in terms of travel.
I think I will skip some of domestic travels since a few of them happened in a jiffy and I do not remember the details now. Also, I am not counting the local exploration of lesser known places of my town such as watching Flamingos at Sewri fort.

Flamingos enjoying their meals.

The year started with a trip to … Read the rest