Year 2010 in travel

Warning: This is a colorful post. 🙂
Before I start writing about my recent trip of Philippines and Malaysia, I thought it better to recollect how was the year 2010 for me in terms of travel.
I think I will skip some of domestic travels since a few of them happened in a jiffy and I do not remember the details now. Also, I am not counting the local exploration of lesser known places of my town such as watching Flamingos at Sewri fort.

Flamingos enjoying their meals.

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Happy Independence Day !

Today is India’s independence day. I wish all Indians across the world a very happy Independence day.

independence day

The photo is from the same trip and the shot was taken at an angle.

Note:- This solo trip of Tamilnadu has done much damage than I had ever thought. I was unwell for a long time because of Dengue and then some other related problems. I had fever till 5 days back and confined to bed.
Now I am okay and hope to make up for the lost time. 😀

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