Tamil Nadu

Malli to Nalli

Malli to Nalli

My tryst with Chennai (formerly Madras) includes Sarvana stores, Kumaran silks, Nallis, Pothys and GRT….. Dhal powders, (different types of podis such as paruppu podis etc), maanga inji pickle. The list goes on…
Forget about anything else, my visits to Chennai are combination of smaller excursions to acquire these much sought after possessions.

As much as I dislike Chennai for its anti Hindi propaganda, irritating auto rickshaws, the hot & humid weather and the city’s laid back attitude, my sole aim to enjoy this city is by shopping there. A few short visits that I’ve made to Chennai, as it appears to me, is a big shopping hub for north Indian people.

chennai shopping @lemonicks.com

Kumaran silks, Lalitha jewelery & Sarvana stores. What else do you want?

Was I always so keen to go there?

Year 2010 in travel

Warning: This is a colorful post. 🙂
Before I start writing about my recent trip of Philippines and Malaysia, I thought it better to recollect how was the year 2010 for me in terms of travel.
I think I will skip some of domestic travels since a few of them happened in a jiffy and I do not remember the details now. Also, I am not counting the local exploration of lesser known places of my town such as watching Flamingos at Sewri fort.


Flamingos enjoying their meals.

The year started with a trip to