Tales of Tangled Towns

Looks like I have a fixation for bizarre burgs. 😛
Recently I wrote about an unusual town called Baarle in Europe. And Prague was confusing in a different manner.
If you are new to this blog, I suggest you go through these posts. I assure you of great amusement. 😀

In the quiet town of Derby in Vermont, US, there is the Derby Line dividing US and Canada. This is more of a straight line, in contrast to Baarle’s zigzagged ones, but passes through buildings and households.
So there are chances you may prepare your food in one country and Read the rest

Customs Area at Wagah border

Other posts on Wagah border can be read here and you can read anecdote of Amritsar trip here. Please read them in sequence to enjoy it fully.

Customs area at Wagah border doesn’t look like a sophisticated one we are normally used to see. Despite all hoardings and notices, it’s a crowded place especially during beating retreat ceremony. The only people who do not enter the gates are the vendors selling eatables and drivers of different vehicles.

That does not mean … Read the rest

The Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border

The Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border

Contd from To Wagah Border

[Once done, we could hear the announcements and the cheering inside the stadium.]

It had started !

We ran.
Without bothering about anything in the world. The whole of half a kilometer. Without stopping.

The stadium was jam packed; there was no space even to go up the stairs. I pushed, squeezed and slowly made my way up there.
There I was. Every single obstacle that we crossed was worth the moment. The ceremony had just begun.

This was after the ceremony

Have you ever watched a live … Read the rest

To Wagah Border

Contd from Golden Temple.. ..

[We saw all kinds of people at the temple, all with a different hope and faith. Our next stop was Wagah border.]

As I have mentioned earlier, the city of Amritsar is very small. The distances are very less; in my language walkable. You hardly see a taxi there. Shared autorickshaws are available for Rs 5/- only for a distance of upto 2 Kms. From the Golden temple, we took an autorickshaw for Bus depot. No, not the sharing one.

The bus to Wagah border via Attari was at every half an hour. Earlier, we … Read the rest

A Single Village in two countries

You must have heard of Wagah border. Do you know this famous border or line divides the village Wagah into two ?

Milestone says in Punjabi : Wagah border 2 KMs

The village was unified before India Pakistan partition in 1947. And then the controversial Radcliffe Line was drawn dividing the village into two. Today, the eastern half of the village remains in India whilst the other half is in Pakistan.… Read the rest

Reporting from ….

Neighbour rivalry like Israel/Palestine, Australia/New Zealand and of course India/Pakistan at its best. 😀

Have you ever watched a live cricket/hockey match between India and Pakistan in a stadium ? I have.

The whole atmosphere of hooting, shouting, jumping and pumping, passion & patriotism running at all time high is nothing compared to what I experienced today here just a few meters away from Pak territory.

Yes, reporting from Wagah border (India Pakistan international border). Details will follow soon once I am back.… Read the rest