The Year that was 2015

The Year that was 2015

Another year has passed and it’s time to stop and look back; take stock of my journeys, not only in terms of travel but the journeys which opened a new horizon for me and helped me see the world with diverse perceptions.

I know it is so cliché to reflect back but it’s something I have been doing all these years…. to see how enriching my walk has been.


Did I achieve something in year 2015?

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An evening in Coloane

You may treat it as ‘Things to do in Coloane’ but for me, an evening well spent.

Coloane macau

That’s Mainland China at the other end!

Most remarkable aspect of Macau is that, the two most important islands are extremely well connected by road, to Taipa Island on the south and the southern-most island of Coloane. In fact there is so much of reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa that a new region called Cotai (Coloane-Taipa) has been created. One can easily say that Coloane perhaps is the poorest among other Macanese regions. That does not mean it is actually poor, it … Read the rest

The Charms of Largo do Senado

When in Macau, after satisfying one’s thirst and inclination for gambling and exhausting bulk of travel money in casinos, most tourists spend their evenings at Largo Do Senado or the Senado Square or, if you want to be very correct, Senate Square. Goes without saying that the seat of Macau government was in the building nearby called by a very official sounding name Edificio do Leal Sendao (the Loyal Senate Building).

Not only the tourists, I guess, a lot of Macanese too spend their time here. It is a hangout place!


While nearing theRead the rest

Mandarin Oriental, Macau – An experience

It is a longish wait at the baggage belt at Macau ferry terminal. After collecting our luggage we move towards the arrival hall, scanning the area for someone with a placard. We had booked to stay at the Manadarin Oriental for our special vacation! A smart young man with the placard introduces himself politely as Manadrin Oriental’s Reception staff and says the vehicle is ready to ferry us to the hotel. We decide to change some currency at the post office situated in the terminal building and get in to the huge and comfortable van.


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Antics at 233 metres!

‘Beware of falling people’ says the sign as we come out of the high speed elevator at 58th floor, Observation deck of the Macau Tower, in 60 seconds flat. Now, I have seen signboards warning us of falling rocks, landslide while trekking or falling objects or debris in a construction site. I was not much surprised when I once saw beware of falling coconuts. This is new. While I try to reason in my mind, I hear a blood curdling scream and see a girl falling! My heart miss a few beats.


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