The Year that was 2015

The Year that was 2015

Another year has passed and it’s time to stop and look back; take stock of my journeys, not only in terms of travel but the journeys which opened a new horizon for me and helped me see the world with diverse perceptions.

I know it is so cliché to reflect back but it’s something I have been doing all these years…. to see how enriching my walk has been.


Did I achieve something in year 2015?

Yes and No.Read the rest

World Heritage Day

Today is World Heritage Day. There are 30 World Heritage sites in India, and 981 in the whole world. Can anybody visit them in one life? Yes, I know of a person who visits only Heritage sites and he’s been doing it for last 6 years! Slowly, one by one.
While I am not fortunate enough to be like him, I am contended with my own pace. When I look at the pictures of the sites I’ve visited, I feel quite happy.

Today I share pictures of few of the Heritage sites visited by me. I have many more … Read the rest

Time to go to Malaysia

What do you do?”
I travel.
Oh, nice meeting you. I eat & I drink.” said a food & wine critic.

That’s how our conversation started yesterday. We were at the press conference “Visit Malaysia 2014” by Malaysia Tourism. Malaysia is celebrating its 4th Visit Malaysia year. This is the biggest & grandest ever tourism celebration with more than 200 events lined up to welcome the world by Malaysia.

malaysian couples

Malaysian couples in traditional costumes

To me, Malaysia is … Read the rest

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year

If you ask me one reason why I like Chinese New Year, my reply would be that it’s very colorful and exotic. The streets and houses are decorated with red and golden lamps & lanterns of different shapes and designs, the markets are buzzed with all kinds of gift items, decorative pieces and flower and there is a festive mood everywhere.

street selling new year lamps in China

A street in China town, Kuala Lumpur.

The Chinese Read the rest

Looking back at Year 2013

Another year has passed and it’s time to look back and take stock of my journeys, not only in terms of travel but the journeys which opened a new horizon in front of me and helped me see the world with diverse perceptions.
As I always say, I count my memories, not the places and I am happy that my travel memories are far more and better than the destinations.

marina bay sands Singapore

Marina Bay sands, Singapore

For this recap … Read the rest

Tea Gifts

Chai, çay, tea or teh… Whatever name you call it by…. tea has become an integral part of our daily life. Reading morning newspaper, travelling in a train, driving down in wilderness, watching the rain, or waiting at a bus stop in mountains… we enjoy our cup of tea very much.
I am sure many of you are tea drinkers like me. Though I have tea twice a day and can manage with only a cup a day, the husband is a big lover of tea and can easily consume 10-15 cups albeit in small quantities!

sri lanka tea

Simple plain tea with … Read the rest

Ramadan Recipes

It is that time of the year when we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. There are a variety of sweets made on this occasion and offered to the Lord Ganesha. Today I’ll talk about the delicacies prepared in Malaysia…. not for this festival but for another festival called Eid or Ramadan.

ramadan delicacy

Ramadan bazaars are full of Malay dishes – curries, rendang, porridges, roasts, and rice cakes in endless varieties together with sweets, pastries and traditional juices. What better way to start with sweet dishes which I learnt in a … Read the rest