Tea Gifts

Chai, çay, tea or teh… Whatever name you call it by…. tea has become an integral part of our daily life. Reading morning newspaper, travelling in a train, driving down in wilderness, watching the rain, or waiting at a bus stop in mountains… we enjoy our cup of tea very much.
I am sure many of you are tea drinkers like me. Though I have tea twice a day and can manage with only a cup a day, the husband is a big lover of tea and can easily consume 10-15 cups albeit in small quantities!

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Simple plain tea with … Read the rest

In the lap of Cameron Highlands

If I was to choose a hill station where I would like to spend my lifetime, Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is one of the top five in my list. I have been to Cameron Highlands twice and both the times I was so bitten by its beauty that I did not want to leave the place !

One of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations, the Cameron Highlands is perched on a corner of the Titiwangsa Range in Pahang. It covers an area of 712 square kilometres.

As an Indian, the first impression of this place is Simla but much bigger … Read the rest

Jus buah

In Malaysia, my way of trying a juice was to put my finger on a name and ask for it. I refused to see a dictionary for its meaning or ask somebody who knew English. I wanted to know them by taste.
At times it resulted in disastrous distasteful situations but I was also glad that I could pick up some names. Also, I paid attention when they pronounced the names.

I have tried each one of these and a few more which are not mentioned in this list. My favourite was Jus Tembikai.
The locals were quite surprised … Read the rest

Tricks you might fall for..

Travellers have certain amount of vulnerability and uncertainty attached to them. They are not aware of the tricks played by locals and they invariably fall for it.
I was no exception and at times I too fell for certain tricks.

1. Hotels & credit cards – After a tiring bus journey to a new town & after checking 3-4 hotels/guest houses as per my budget I did not have anymore strength or patience. Then I check the last decent place. It has fair tariff, and accepts credit cards as well ! Since I do not have much cash on person … Read the rest

Malaysia truly Asia

True to its claim, Malaysia is really a reflection of Asia in every manner. Beautiful in its own way. The major touristy cities are busy and bustling with life while the hills are quiet and calm. The people are very helpful and friendly everywhere even if they don’t understand your language.

Trisha in Malacca

I consider myself a traveler more than a tourist. Obviously, we wanted to see and live the real Malaysia. We wanted to see its people and learn something about them and their country. So, booking a packaged tour was out of question even though it is … Read the rest

It is Cameron Highlands :)

We are in Cameron Highlands now. It took almost full one day to reach here instead of normal 4 hours. Why ? Not now, some other time.

It’s a hill station. First impression of this place is Simla but much bigger in size. For example if we assume it to be a Mahabaleshwar then it is at least 10 times of that place. And more cleaner as well. Many Tamilians are settled here and I saw some cross between them and Chinese also !

We reached here at around 6, checked in a Traveler’s Lodge after trying at 2-3 places. … Read the rest