Top 5 caves in Malaysia

I do not like caves at all. If I have my way, I would not visit them. Dark, dingy places are not for me. Not only me, my cameras also don’t like them.
But have you ever noticed that caves are not always dark & dingy? Sometimes they open a horizon in front of you.
Having said that, as a traveller I have been to some awesome caves around the world. Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia to name a few countries. And of course India !

When it comes to the ultimate caving experience, spelunkers are spoilt for choice in Malaysia. The country has many firsts & tops when it comes to caves. Here are my top 5 caves from Malaysia.

Batu caves :
The first and foremost is my favourite Batu caves. When I saw it first four years back, I was awestruck by the gigantic size of this statue in front of the caves. You can see the steep steps going to the caves.
If you are visiting Malaysia, I recommend you these famous caves. No visit to Kuala Lumpur is complete without a stop at the Batu Caves. Batu Caves is a limestone hill consisting of a series of caves and cave temples. It is one of the most popular Hindu temples outside of India and is the main venue of the Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

batu caves @lemonicks.com

The giant statue from the ground at Batu caves, Malaysia.

Jus buah

In Malaysia, my way of trying a juice was to put my finger on a name and ask for it. I refused to see a dictionary for its meaning or ask somebody who knew English. I wanted to know them by taste.
At times it resulted in disastrous distasteful situations but I was also glad that I could pick up some names. Also, I paid attention when they pronounced the names.

I have tried each one of these and a few more which are not mentioned in this list. My favourite was Jus Tembikai.
The locals were quite surprised to see me