Kuala Lumpur

LRT train in Kuala Lumpur

LRT = Light Rail Transit (metro or local as you wish to call it)

Masjid Jamek is an interchange station in Kuala Lumpur where you change LRT trains to catch trains for other lines. (Indian examples are Dadar in Mumbai or Rajiv Chowk in Delhi).
Lost in my thoughts, I was waiting at the station to take a train on Ampang line to go to my hotel. It was raining off & on making me wonder what would I do once I reach my destination. My hotel was around 8-10 minutes walk from station and I wasn’t carrying anything to protect myself from rain.

Then I saw my train pulling up;

Malaysia truly Asia

True to its claim, Malaysia is really a reflection of Asia in every manner. Beautiful in its own way. The major touristy cities are busy and bustling with life while the hills are quiet and calm. The people are very helpful and friendly everywhere even if they don’t understand your language.

Trisha in Malacca

I consider myself a traveler more than a tourist. Obviously, we wanted to see and live the real Malaysia. We wanted to see its people and learn something about them and their country. So, booking a packaged tour was out of question even though it is far more comfortable and hassle free.

As I have mentioned earlier, we had