Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

This famous private museum is one of the main attractions of Malacca.

This museum illustrates how rich and affluent Chinese merchants came here and settled down. The first merchant married a local Malay girl and thus they became the first couple of this dynasty and so the name of this museum.

Baba = boy
Nyonya = girl

At the entrance

Housed in

Only 2 Ringgit, Madam !

Come to Malacca, and the first thing you’ll notice is them. Trishaws.
Lots of them.

So, it was Malacca. Time around 10 PM and we were taking an after dinner stroll. The tranquil river Malacca was looking at its best like a beautiful bride with colorful lights decorating it. Very far in the background we could see giant ‘Eye of Malacca‘ taking a rest for a while.

In this small UNESCO heritage town, the traffic was reduced to minimal at this hour.
The bridge, the main junction and the streets were very brightly lit. So much so that the street lights

Malaysia truly Asia

True to its claim, Malaysia is really a reflection of Asia in every manner. Beautiful in its own way. The major touristy cities are busy and bustling with life while the hills are quiet and calm. The people are very helpful and friendly everywhere even if they don’t understand your language.

Trisha in Malacca

I consider myself a traveler more than a tourist. Obviously, we wanted to see and live the real Malaysia. We wanted to see its people and learn something about them and their country. So, booking a packaged tour was out of question even though it is far more comfortable and hassle free.

As I have mentioned earlier, we had