Padang Besar

Border town

Jus buah

In Malaysia, my way of trying a juice was to put my finger on a name and ask for it. I refused to see a dictionary for its meaning or ask somebody who knew English. I wanted to know them by taste.
At times it resulted in disastrous distasteful situations but I was also glad that I could pick up some names. Also, I paid attention when they pronounced the names.

I have tried each one of these and a few more which are not mentioned in this list. My favourite was Jus Tembikai.
The locals were quite surprised to see me

The train journey – the mystery of three minutes

Wherever I go on this earth by train, it looks all the same unless of course I am in some heavenly country such as Switzerland or New Zealand.

Next morning when I looked out of my window, I didn’t know whether we were still in Malaysia or Thailand. Thailand time is one hour behind; train was running late and hence the confusion. I changed my SIM card to Thai one but couldn’t get any connection… changed back to Malaysian.
Ok, so we were still in Malaysia. 🙂

The farms looked similar to Indian farms with more of tropical trees. The farmers could be seen working since early morning. All daily chores were going on in small houses that were scattered here and there. Only noticeable difference from Indian farms were Toyota & Nissan pickup trucks parked near them. 🙂

I had got a sandwich packed for my breakfast at KL sentral itself. That came handy, for, I had to take my medicines after food. It looked like westerners were regular on this sector since all of them were still sleeping.

I was waiting for next announcement. Then after sometime suddenly the attendant started waking up passengers by shouting, “Padang Besar, Padang Besar”…

At the border.

I knew it is the name of