Hello from Malaysia

When I said Bye to you in my last post, I was flying to Turkey. And Hello from Malaysia now?
Well, the week long trip to Turkey has ended and I am in Malaysia right now. 😀

It so happened that I, along with a senior journalist from Delhi, was chosen from India to cover the Ramadan festival in Malaysia. The news came to me just 2 days before I flew to Turkey ! I was to fly out on the same day I would have returned from Turkey.

ramadan delicacy

I love adventures of travel. 🙂
My passport

Malaysian Food Festival

Last week I was invited to attend the Malaysian Food Festival which is being held in Mumbai. When I reached there, I was welcomed by the very warm & courteous staff of India Jones, Hotel Trident and was guided to a corner table near a French window.

The ambience was perfect for a quiet lunch. From my seat I could see almost whole of the restaurant. On right hand side a large family was seated on a long table. They were celebrating some occasion. It wasn’t a birthday; perhaps somebody’s achievement? On another table a family of five from three generations was having a quiet lunch. The table next to mine on left hand side was occupied by a young couple, who was discussing spirituality while savoring the Malaysian delicacy.

Ikan bakar

Interview with an international chef

I was invited to attend the Malaysian Food Festival which is being held in Mumbai. So when I went there yesterday, I was welcomed by the very warm & courteous staff of India Jones, Hotel Trident to a corner table near a French window.

After the regular customaries, the Malay Chef Kamarudin Bin Dali was informed and he came to my table to greet me. We exchanged greetings and he asked me what I wanted to order from the menu, so that he could start preparing it for me. He also gave me his business card and left for the kitchen.

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” -Thomas Keller

I wanted to speak to the person who puts soul in those dishes. I put in request to the staff asking if it would be possible. The Chef was kind enough to oblige me for a few minutes from his busy schedule.

Here is a short interview with him. I can actually call it a chit chat.

malaysian chef

The Chef Kamarudin Bin Dali, along

Looking back at 2012

Looking back at 2012

Another year has passed and it’s time to look back and take stock, time to update the set of to-dos, time to see how was the year 2012 for me in terms of travel and otherwise.

As I always say, I count my memories, not the places and I am happy that my travel memories are far more & better than the destinations. Some road trips, some train journeys and a few flights took me places almost every month. I made some new friends, consolidated my bond with old ones.
I also moved to a new place.

Apsara dance

This was also the year when

Mask from Malacca

Before we even realize, it’s another month and time for another souvenir from my treasure box ! 😀

If you were to see souvenirs at my place, you’d find different cultures from different countries, showcased around in abundance, collected over past many many years. They vary in size, shape, color and texture. They speak of different stories and histories. And sometimes they remind me of the moment when they were bought !

For this month, what better than to show you something from Malaysia since I am sitting here in this country.

mask from malacca

A wooden mask with two birds on forehead.

When I was in

Shopping festival in Malaysia

Have you heard of shopping festivals around the world? I am sure you would have heard of Dubai shopping festival or Istanbul shopping festival which attract thousands of tourists every year.

When I reached Malaysia a few days back, I was so happy to come here now. Like any other international shopping festivals, Malaysia also has one. It starts in late November and goes on till 31st December or 1st week of January. What more! The festival is not restricted to one city or town… it is spread across every single inch of land of this beautiful country!
The Malaysian shopping festival is a very popular fair all round the world among the international tourists and they throng it during the shopping festival.

The Malaysian shopping festival

One more reason to visit Malaysia

Wherever I go, markets are one of the places I like to visit. Besides window shopping and souvenir shopping I get to see the plethora of things which interest me…. people and their behavior, food, culture, infrastructure and what not.

I have visited different kinds of markets in various countries and they do tell us a lot about the place. Not only regular markets, the sales during festivals also excite me. No, I am not a shopaholic but like to visits malls just to see the things on offer.

shopping in malaysia

Beautiful lanterns on sale.

And it is here again! The