Birding in Port Dickson

Let’s do some birding in Port Dickson.

Well, not really. Birding is altogether another activity. The title might confuse you.
KL bird park is probably the best in Malaysia if you want to see myriad of birds, but here I am talking about the birds which you may not find in KL park. 🙂
I highly recommend Port Dickson, another quiet town of Malaysia if you want to see these birds.

Dancing Turkey :
They dance in style. I even have a video. 🙂
turkey bird

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Sunset at Port Dickson

Picture of the moment: Sunset at Port Dickson beach, Malaysia.
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my journeys and my world.

It is a quiet evening by the beach in Port Dickson. Except for a few, the people have started moving towards their home. Some locals have come to a small market place along the beach which mainly hosts a food court & a few shops. It also has a place to relax, play and watch the sea water changing its color to match the Sun.

sunset at port dickson

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Golden Pheasant

Picture of the moment: Golden Pheasant.
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures from around the world.

The name comes from its golden crest. Males have a golden crest with a hint of red at the tip of it. While the male is so colorful & attractive, the female is very sober as generally the case is.
The Golden Pheasant is one of the most popular of all pheasant species kept in captivity. The adult male is around 100 cm in length, its long tail accounts for two-thirds of the total length.

golden pheasant

The golden pheasant.

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Year 2010 in travel

Warning: This is a colorful post. 🙂
Before I start writing about my recent trip of Philippines and Malaysia, I thought it better to recollect how was the year 2010 for me in terms of travel.
I think I will skip some of domestic travels since a few of them happened in a jiffy and I do not remember the details now. Also, I am not counting the local exploration of lesser known places of my town such as watching Flamingos at Sewri fort.

Flamingos enjoying their meals.

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