Day 1 of EBC Trek

Part 1: Kathmandu to Lukla 

Continuing from …. Day Zero at Ground Zero

Dawn Yawn…

Nilesh, the Trek Company’s representative called on me at 5:30AM to take me to the Airport, for a flight that was to depart at 6:15AM! Of course the previous day when I was making lofty plans, I had agreed to this in my moment of weakness. I hardly had a choice anyway, owing to the dependency on the fickle flights to Lukla.

I was to take the first flight of Sita Airlines, or was it Tara airlines, maybe Sita Airlines owns Tara, or is it … Read the rest

Day Zero at Ground Zero!

Nisha and I were already in Delhi for some work. I had planned to fly to Kathmandu from Delhi. This helped us in combining our combined Delhi business and my own Nepal business. Mumbai to Delhi leg of my journey perhaps was the most uneventful. Too mundane. It was so boring that I remembered someone who had said if you pay intense attention to boredom then it will turn out to be interesting. Well, in my case, while paying intense attention I just fell asleep.

So as per plan Nisha came to … Read the rest

From 0 to 5300 in 60

…or should I say “40 to -8”?

Well, here I am with a mandate “under duress” by Nisha to give “lots and lots of stories” for 🙂 She opines that now that I am back from the enjoyable trip and rested enough (an understatement as it is more than 2 months since I returned ), I must start writing or else(!). The portentous “else” did the trick, although I have no clue as to what that “else” meant. I think if there ever was a veiled threat, this was it and I was not going to find out, what. … Read the rest

Overland Border Crossing

Overland Border Crossing

How do you feel being at the border of two countries?

Not just flying into a country but being able to see the other side, the other country and its land from this side?
Most times travel to foreign involves flying into that country. But after so many years of travelling I find it quite boring. Of course, it is still the most preferred way as it saves time and may be other hassles that I’ve talked about earlier.
For me it is always intriguing when I cross borders overland where I can stand on a … Read the rest

Souvenirs I pick up …

Besides beautiful photos and memories, most of us bring something home from our travels as gifts to our family, friends and loved ones or just for our own keepsake. I am one of them.

Since I travel light and almost always on a tight budget, I try to avoid buying bulky or very expensive stuff except when I really want to own a piece that epitomizes the soul of that place. A few examples are a wooden rice man from Batad Philippines, a world famous place for rice terraces and wood carving; a very pretty glass work from an … Read the rest

Postcard from Nepal

This is the fourth post in this batch of Guest-post series on this site. The contributions are from people like you and me but not necessarily from the blogging world. We see, observe and experience many mundane things in our daily life. The flavours are different but the interest is common in these posts … and that is Travel.
Over to Manu Sharma.
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Recently I got chance to visit NEPAL. I always wanted to visit Nepal for travel especially after viewing pictures of Nepal’s mighty Himalayas. This time I was lucky enough to … Read the rest