Sometimes losing money is fun !

Sometimes losing money is fun !

Casino! This word generally conjures up images from Las Vegas. The glittering lights and world famous shows, not to mention the best gambling and gaming dens.

Gambling probably is as old as civilization itself. My Indian friends may remember the events that lead to the Kurukshetra War (as per Mahabharata).
I do believe that gambling and games are quite related. In fact any activity that has the tendency to have an uncertainty in their result is a potential candidate for gambling. These days we have people betting on results of any game or sport.… Read the rest

Jhankari tribe of Sikkim

At Banjhankari waterfall, we walked towards the waterfall, but to different points.

I went to a canopy which hosted some human sculptures. It was about Jhankari tribes’s healing ritual of a sick person. That was the first time I had heard about this tribe.

Healing ritual going on.

While taking pictures, I saw a Bengali family coming there and the father … Read the rest