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Dear ASEANita,

I hope you remember me. We have travelled together so many times in the past. Remember the first time we travelled from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur? I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was Air Asia’s very first flight from Mumbai.
I was bowled over by the service and quality of the aircraft. My love for you grew with time and it can be seen by the fact that I have a pictorial link of you on the sidebar of my blog since that day. Earlier it was Air Asia icon. 🙂

First I want … Read the rest

Shooting the rapids on “Apocalypse now” river

Once upon a time there lived two brothers on the eastern bank of Bumbungan river in Philippines. This region, normally was a green zone with water issues and so life went on happily. On a particular year drought hit and the effects were devastating.

Nothing would grow on the soil. People had to go hungry and eventually became ill. All flora and fauna apparently vanished. Everyone prayed for rains, so did the two brothers. No avail. Eventually the elder brother died of illness and thirst. The younger one took it upon himself to find water for his tribe and … Read the rest

Top 10 holiday destinations in Asia

Asia is one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the world – and for very good reason. Offering travellers diverse cultures and awe-inspiring natural beauty, it is often hard to resist the temptation of holidaying in Asia. Holidaymakers will have the luxury of deciding whether they laze on the beach all day or trek some of the most famous landmarks around the globe. For some inspiring ideas for planning your next escape, check out our favourite holiday destinations in Asia.

Ubud, Bali – Experience the luxury of private villas, set amidst the lush Balinese rainforest, in the arts and … Read the rest

Hiking to Tappiya falls

It was monsoon season when Vasu and I had landed in Batad in Ifugao province of Philippines.
Batad, as we all know, is a UNESCO Heritage place in Philippines and its claim to fame is its many hectares of tall rice terraces; all of them hand built over thousand years back and their descendants still farming here!

During monsoon reaching Batad itself is very difficult with only one trip of Jeepney per day on a muddy one lane road on mountains. Invariably it gets stuck in the mud with no one in sight except its passengers. I won’t go in … Read the rest


Picture of the moment: Jeepney
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my world.

The undisputed king of the road, Jeepney is the most popular means of public transport in the Philippines. They were originally made from US military jeeps left after World War II and hence the name.

I like the name. I find it very cute, very Indian. 😀

jeepney in Philippines

A Jeepney waiting for passengers.

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How to go to Pagsanjan Falls

This post is an outcome of those queries asking me for directions & tips to visit Pagsanjan falls, pronounced as Pag-san-nyan.
You can also watch a video of the falls to feel how pleasant is the journey.

I give here comprehensive driving directions and tips to visit Pagsanjan town from Manila. You can do the round trip the same day. It is not too complicated really.

rowing to Pagsanjan

Some people under the waterfall.

1. Start early, not because … Read the rest