Kindness on the streets of Bangkok

We meet many people on the road, both locals and travelers alike who help us in time of need or distress without expecting a return. Last week of every month I bring you stories from travelers who have experienced kindness on the road and like to share and spread it for the love of travel.

This month’s story has come from Dante Scarano who takes us to Thailand again where he was lost and was helped by a woman.
Over to Dante Scarano.
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Among travelers Bangkok is typically their entrance into … Read the rest

Phallic Shrine in Bangkok

Phallic Shrine in Bangkok

It was afternoon and we were itching to see some non-touristy places in Bangkok after some minor shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall.
Vasu suggested that we go to this shrine which is famous for seeking the blessings for fertility. And so it is also called Fertility shrine. Although we were done with fertility for this lifetime, 🙂 I agreed and we started walking in the bright and hot sunshine!

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Bloggers opinion on TBEX ASIA 2015

Bloggers opinion on TBEX ASIA 2015

Twice before I had planned and booked for TBEX and twice I have been deprived of the opportunity for some reason or the other. I was third time lucky! At last it was TBEX ASIA at Bangkok Thailand !
As a newbie to this event I was apprehensive about what I would do and whom I shall meet. Eventually I decided to keep my mind open and take it as it comes. I must say, I had a fantastic time and I strive to put to pen my sentiments and those of my friends. … Read the rest

Things to know about Bangkok

Have you been to Bangkok? If not this post is for you. Even if you have been there, I am sure you didn’t know all of these. You can read this to know some more.
1) Though most Bangkok canals have been lost to road-building, boating is often considered as the most rewarding city experience maneuvering through the ‘Venice of the East’. Khlongs still thread through the Thonburi west bank and branch into the plantations of Nonthaburi.

temple of wisdom hat yai

A Thai Temple.

2) Escape the de-spiced tourist … Read the rest

Have you ever been to Bangkok?

Have you ever been to Bangkok? Whatever I say about having visited Thailand several times, the fact remains that I have not been to Bangkok even once !

Not that I don’t want to go there, it’s a beautiful place and the capital of Thailand. There are several Mumbai Bangkok flights which can take me directly to the City of Angels. Somehow it was always missed out from my plan which most of the time is impromptu.

sun tan in thailand

I was told … Read the rest

City of angels!

I have been to these parts so many times but to this particular city, never. Did I have chance of visiting this place? Well.. one must make their chances. I could have planned my itinerary differently. The fact is I have not been to Bangkok ever.

There are so many other places in Thailand that I always gave it a miss. Even now when I took a train for Langkawi, had I not alighted on time, I would have reached Thai border and of course beyond that. The train goes upto Bangkok !

Even now, as I am in … Read the rest