Making merry in the middle of La mer

Making merry in the middle of La mer
From time immemorial the vast expanse of water, that we call the sea, has held the human beings in awe. From then till now and I am sure into the future, our visits to the beaches or cruise on a boat will never stop. Such is the attraction of water.

I am no different. I love going to the beaches, I love cruises, I love island hopping boat rides.

I had signed for this much touted island hopping trip in Krabi on one of my solo trips to Thailand. Idea … Read the rest

First woman to visit from India !

Nearly 4 years back, I had landed at a small place in Thailand at the fall of the dusk. Room hunting was my first priority before it got too dark and after walking a bit fortunately I saw a guesthouse on the main road itself. Only two rooms were vacant on the 1st floor. After checking both the rooms, I chose the cheaper one. The other one had a TV and a small balcony. I did not want any of those.
At times I am so careless that now, while writing his post, I realize that I had checked the … Read the rest

Tiger cave temple

Picture of the moment: Tiger cave temple.
Note:- Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my journeys and my world.
You might find it a strenuous job to climb 1237 steps to reach the top of Tiger Cave Temple (local name is Wat Tham Seua) but it is worth for the sense of accomplishment and the amazing panoramic 360 degree views of the amazing Andaman Sea, tropical islands and dramatic limestone cliff formations.

Tiger cave temple

In cloud nine.

Set in a tropical forest 10 kms outside Krabi Town, the height is … Read the rest

When granny sang a song !

When granny sang a song !

Travelling is counting number of memories, not places.

That’s my tag-line. If you read my profile anywhere, this is what I always maintain. For me memories of a journey are far more important & cherishable than places. Places change their shapes, sizes and the looks with time. Memories never.
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“Excuse me; can I help this lady in some way?” I asked a woman standing behind the push cart pointing towards an old woman, her neighbour, who looked dazed sitting behind another food stall.

February, 2010. Seven in the … Read the rest

Cheapest room I ever stayed in

Among other things, backpackers often look for budget accommodation. I was also backpacking and traveling on tight budget. However, I am yet to stay in a dormitory … mostly because I need my comfort zone especially when I travel alone. I do not mind shared baths but when it is time to relax or to take a nap after a tiring day, I need a quiet place and some private space to myself.

So, when I was backpacking to Malaysia & Thailand earlier this year, I was always on the lookout for a suitable place to stay that would
1. … Read the rest

Hi-tech worshipping !

The life is fast.
In this mechanical era, no one has time to sit and breathe. At the same time one also likes to continue with age old customs and rituals. But who has time to do things in traditional way ?

Look at the picture below. Though I was apprehensive of clicking this photo, I also wanted to show it to my people back home.

hi-tech worshipping

Electronic worshipping in progress…. in Tiger Cave temple

Traditionally worshippingRead the rest

Night Markets at Krabi – II

Other night market of Krabi or Part I is here.

This night market (pasar malam) on Maharaj Soi 10 in the centre of town is not very far from river Krabi. Off the main road and near the central Songthaew station, this is actually a weekend market. Every weekend (Friday till Sunday), the market starts at 5 PM and goes on till 10:30.

Bigger in size compared to first one, this is the night market to head for if you are looking for more than just food. It has lots of things for sale. From clothes of … Read the rest