Night Markets at Krabi – I

Night Markets at Krabi – I
Can you believe that till the time I touched Krabi, I had never heard of night markets there ?
If you are in Krabi, you have to make a visit to experience the ultimate charm of these markets. The locals as well as tourists look forward to it eagerly. People staying in Ao Nang or Railey beach area specially make a trip here. Open night markets or pasar malam are a favorite and individual vendors rule the place.

There are basically two main night markets in Krabi; one on weekends and the other on … Read the rest

River Krabi

Krabi town is incomplete without its river, bearing the same name. Some major shops, banks and govt offices are on main Uttarakit road which runs along the river. It has a nice wide promenade to spend your evenings and you can also see evening/ nights markets, docks and parks along the way.

river krabi

Beautiful !!

One pier caters to ferrying locals to other parts of the town while the other … Read the rest