Tropical Islands of Thailand

Tropical Islands of Thailand

I have travelled extensively in Thailand. The country & its beautiful locations fascinate me no end. So when I received a guest post from Sankara about pristine locations of Thailand, I was more than happy to publish it here.

Over to Sankara now.

It is that time of the year when most of the world is fleeing to the warmer tropical destinations of the world to spend their beach holiday. And what better way to spend it than the beautiful tropical islands of Thailand. These tropical islands ensure that the tourists are spoilt for choice … Read the rest

Making merry in the middle of La mer

Making merry in the middle of La mer
From time immemorial the vast expanse of water, that we call the sea, has held the human beings in awe. From then till now and I am sure into the future, our visits to the beaches or cruise on a boat will never stop. Such is the attraction of water.

I am no different. I love going to the beaches, I love cruises, I love island hopping boat rides.

I had signed for this much touted island hopping trip in Krabi on one of my solo trips to Thailand. Idea … Read the rest

When I went camping in Bamboo Island

During my backpacking trip to Thailand, one day while I was chatting with a few locals, the name of Bamboo Island popped up. I was anyway exploring the possibilities of visiting some new places, so I decided to go there.
Travelling without any agenda or destination in mind, gives you freedom to choose your pace & place. There is no hurry to rush into things.

Bought a ticket from a tour agent for THB 1500 and off I went to this very small island. Koh Phai (Bamboo Island) as it is known locally, is a flat evergreen island with fine … Read the rest