The Abu Dhabi Trip

The Abu Dhabi trip came as a surprise to me. To talk of modern technology, I was contacted through Whatsapp since I was traveling. I asked a few questions and only when I confirmed my participation, they sent me a formal invite. 🙂

Coming to the trip, it was beyond my expectation. It was my first visit to Abu Dhabi, so I was looking forward to see the gem of desert. And it surprised me no end!

abu dhabi grand mosque @lemonicks.com

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

There are many things in Abu Dhabi which have a tag

Dubai, then & now

Facts about Dubai, UAE
So it was Dubai, UAE again a few days back. It is fun when you visit a place more than once. It keeps you wondering about some familiarities that you observe & compare with your last visit’s.

Here are a few of them.
– Right from the immigration to all over the city, there were too few people last time. Either expats or Tourists, owing to the recession. Now there were a lot more.
– Only public transport earlier was the sparse but comfortable buses. Otherwise cabs were the only way to move around. Metro was being built. Now it is working on at least the more important routes. I was told the project is being delivered as planned.
– The only problem about Metro is that

Feedback time

From time to time I update my readers about behind the scene work on lemonicks.com.
It is time again to do that.
In addition, I have some goodies for you at the end of this post. 🙂

Dubai Deira Creek @lemonicks.com

A small ship in Deira Creek, Dubai.

Not much has changed on the site as such.
My travel schedule is quite extensive for the next few months and if there are any gaps in between, the unplanned ones fill them up in no time. No regrets, I am more than happy about it. My only grudge is that I do not get enough time to write about my journeys.

I am also busy with my other works and so whenever possible, I am trying to pitch in here with variety of posts.

Before I continue it again, I would like to

The year that was.. 2009

The year 2009 is gone. It was satisfying as far as travel is concerned. Except for one or two, all places were new to me. Not many to count but observed and learnt a lot during the course.
And all these trips were personal trips, not work related.

It was Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule to begin with. Temples, forts and beaches greeted us with stories of their own.


Then it was Bangaluru. solo trip. Somehow I felt more uncomfortable in going

Bus Service in Dubai

bus service Dubai

A typical bus stop in Dubai

Fully air-conditioned, spic and span, spotlessly clean, sparkling insides… This is the bus service in Dubai. Don’t you think it’s too good to be real ? But well, this is an evening in Dubai, supposed to be peak hour in any city of the world. And no, this was not a Friday, their usual holiday.

The bus fare is 2 Dirhams (their currency) for any distance you want to travel. All the buses and the bus stops are air conditioned. There is a route map inside the bus and at the bus stop as well.

One has to get in from the front door of a bus. Why ?

Dubai – A City of Charms ?

Dubai city, a city of dreams for some, a shopping paradise for others. But to me it is an artificial city. Tall spotless buildings, shining malls, clean roads, trees so perfectly shaped that they all look fake. Everything is so flawlessly built and maintained that it looks unrealistic.

More on the city later. Till then here are some photos for you to soak in.

Even places in the USA, Europe and Australia are a bit imperfect, a bit