Four places to visit around Sydney

Let me take you to Sydney this time, one of my favourite cities in the world.

Sydney is an incredible city with world famous landmarks, friendly residents and a temperate climate. Whether you visit the must-see sights such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, laze on the beaches of Bondi, Bronte and Coogee or dine out in the historic Rocks district, the city offers a fantastic city break. Sydney is also within easy reach of some remarkable outdoor attractions which I enjoyed a lot when I was there.

sydney opera house

Sydney opera house.Read the rest

Olympic coins anyone?

Time flies.
Year 2000.
Twelve years back I was living in Sydney. If you have some interest in sports, you would know that Sydney in Australia had hosted Olympic games that year. The whole country was exhilarated with excitement and so were we. One could smell and feel the Olympics in the air. 😀
The shops, the malls, the streets, the buildings … all were decorated in festive mood and souvenirs were selling everywhere.
Everybody was looking forward to the games. When the time came for carrying the Olympic torch, we were fortunate to see it being carried in … Read the rest

Why you should not plan a cruise!

The year is many years ago. Time, around sundown. I am leaning on the railing of Circular Quay, Sydney. Coffee in one hand and camera in the other, standing with V but neither of us talking, because we were dumbstruck and our respective jaws dropped.
Not by the Opera House, that is behind us. Not by the Harbour Bridge, we’d seen it often enough. We’d climbed the towers, gone across and sailed underneath, witnessed fireworks off it. That could not hold our attention.

The reason for our “mum-mification” is a huge ocean liner berthed at the Circular Quay Port. … Read the rest

Trail of two cities

When I went to Sydney first, I started doing my research on the place, which I mostly do. I distinctly remember having noticed another city which was almost on the same latitude, lying on the southern hemisphere but separated by many thousand Kilometers.
I had made a mental note that I would visit this other town some time in my life. I shall club it with my visit to Africa. Any guesses? You are right. I am talking about Cape Town.

Being on the same latitude and both being sea ports ensure that the two places have a rather similar … Read the rest

Street Performers at Circular Quay

Before I start telling you the details of Aurangabad trip or show you more photos, I take you to Sydney in Australia.

Here is a video shot on the streets of Sydney near Circular Quay, one of my favourite places to spend time. Come weekend and like in any other tourist place in this world, the streets are full of activities.
A street performer was demonstrating his art of doing spray painting to earn a few bucks. And he took less than 4 minutes to do it.
Even before he completes his first work of this art, he gets enough … Read the rest