Overland Border Crossing

Overland Border Crossing

How do you feel being at the border of two countries?

Not just flying into a country but being able to see the other side, the other country and its land from this side?
Most times travel to foreign involves flying into that country. But after so many years of travelling I find it quite boring. Of course, it is still the most preferred way as it saves time and may be other hassles that I’ve talked about earlier.
For me it is always intriguing when I cross borders overland where I can stand on a … Read the rest

Atomium, Brussels

Picture of the moment: Atomium, Brussels.
Picture of the moment is a weekly series exhibiting pictures, through which I show you a bit of my world.

Enough of South-East Asia. For this week’s moment, let us go to Europe. 🙂

The Atomium has to be one of the most unusual structures in the world. Situated on the northern outskirts of Brussels, it symbolizes a crystallized molecule of iron by the scale of its atoms, magnified 150 thousand million times !!

automium @lemonicks.com

The Automium, Brussels.

The construction was designed for the International Exhibition of Brussels held in 1958. It was not intended … Read the rest

Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do

Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do
Once you have done the run of the mill tour of Brussels, Capital of Belgium, covering, the pissing boy (Manneken pis), the Grand Place, the tapis de Fleur (once in two years), the Atomium, mini Europe and so on, if you still have some time, inclination and energy here are a few more interesting things you can do.

Beer Tasting – Before I went to Belgium the first time, I had been fed the information that Germans make the best beer. What with the multitude of Beer festivals, led by Oktoberfest, held … Read the rest

Boundaries of Baarle

In my last post, I spoke about Baarle and how number 2 is so important for it.

What if I tell you that boundaries between the two countries DO NOT divide the town with a straight line and instead zigzagged all through the town?? Through the roads, through pavements, and ….

baarle @lemonicks.com/
Zigzagged white boundaries.

The result is that when you stroll around Baarle, you constantly pass in and out of the two nations ! And… Read the rest

Baarle : A unique town in two countries

Hi, why don’t you come over to Belgian side of the bar”. I overheard this sentence a few years back in a small town. Was the speaker joking? His tone was serious enough.

For quite sometime I have been trying to come up with a way to explain this weird town on this earth which I visited a few years back. It is something like ‘a child belonging to two mothers’. And none of them is a step mother.

Okay, let’s try.


It is a Dutch town in the Netherlands. But it is also a Dutch town … Read the rest