Atomium, Brussels

Picture of the moment: Atomium, Brussels.
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Enough of South-East Asia. For this week’s moment, let us go to Europe. 🙂

The Atomium has to be one of the most unusual structures in the world. Situated on the northern outskirts of Brussels, it symbolizes a crystallized molecule of iron by the scale of its atoms, magnified 150 thousand million times !!


The Automium, Brussels.

The construction was designed for the International Exhibition of Brussels held in 1958. It was not intended … Read the rest

Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do

Brussels, 5 offtrack things to do
Once you have done the run of the mill tour of Brussels, Capital of Belgium, covering, the pissing boy (Manneken pis), the Grand Place, the tapis de Fleur (once in two years), the Atomium, mini Europe and so on, if you still have some time, inclination and energy here are a few more interesting things you can do.

Beer Tasting – Before I went to Belgium the first time, I had been fed the information that Germans make the best beer. What with the multitude of Beer festivals, led by Oktoberfest, held … Read the rest

The Year That Was

Another year. Another set of to-dos. And a time to take stock… Don’t frown for this late post, we are still in January month. 🙂

Year 2008 was a good year in terms of travel for me. I managed to balance between my work related and personal travels. All the trips were short since now I don’t go on long term trips.
In the year 2008 I have been to a few places abroad (USA & Europe) and in India. I am yet to write about my foreign trips mostly because I hardly get to see a newer … Read the rest

Brussels a.k.a. Bruxelles

If I talk about the no. of my short trips abroad, I think Brussels will come on top. But as it happens in most of the cases, I don’t have many photographs to show you. Since the trips are very short (sometimes not even a week), they are always very tight scheduled and hence, most of the times I don’t carry my camera.

Not to mention, this post is mostly textual. Of course, you’ll get to see a few pictures shot by me on different occasions.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of the European Union, is the second international … Read the rest