A guide to visiting Sofia

Note:- This is a guest post by Kieran Chapman.

As one of the EU’s newest capitals, Sofia manages to combine its growing cosmopolitanism with a charming traditionalism. The compact city is easy to navigate on foot, and has plenty of green spaces to offset some of the busier streets. As something of a culture vulture, I particularly love Sofia’s museums, art galleries and theaters, which are the best in Bulgaria.

Photo credit : Lauras

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When V was in College, he had this incurable habit of trying to learn new languages. 😛
There were a lot of cultural centers of many countries that offered free courses (mostly by erstwhile people’s republics, if you know what I mean) on the weekends or evenings.

For no apparent reason he was drawn towards Bulgarian. I till now cant figure out why but it was most likely the name Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria. A beautiful name, you all will agree. It is another story that he eventually landed up learning Indonesian instead! 😀

An excavated church in Bulgaria.

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