The Year That Was 2017

The Year That Was 2017:
I can’t believe another year is about to end in a day and it’s time again to stop and look back. To take stock of our journeys, not only in terms of travel but the journeys which opened a new horizon, a new meaning for both of us and helped us to see the world with diverse perceptions.

This year we decided to 


When V was in College, he had this incurable habit of trying to learn new languages. 😛
There were a lot of cultural centers of many countries that offered free courses (mostly by erstwhile people’s republics, if you know what I mean) on the weekends or evenings.

For no apparent reason he was drawn towards Bulgarian. I till now cant figure out why but it was most likely the name Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria. A beautiful name, you all will agree. It is another story that he eventually landed up learning Indonesian instead! 😀

An excavated church in Bulgaria.

Later when my sister visited Sofia, I was probably more