Czech Republic

The Year That Was 2017

The Year That Was 2017:
I can’t believe another year is about to end in a day and it’s time again to stop and look back. To take stock of our journeys, not only in terms of travel but the journeys which opened a new horizon, a new meaning for both of us and helped us to see the world with diverse perceptions.

This year we decided to 

We are the Corinthians!

The tall structure in front of us, kissing the clouds, looked like a state of the art office building. Its design was far removed from the buildings of ancient Corinthia in Greece. Maybe even the present day Corinthia for that matter. It looked as if the Corinthia Prague luxury hotel, had set a new benchmark for the city’s premium hotels. It was a surprise for us since we were looking for a “Hotel” kind of building. 🙂

Corinthia Prague Luxury Hotel Czech Republic

A view of Prague from one of the top floors of Corinthia hotel.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental Prague – Review

We boarded tram #12 from Holešovice station in Prague. Before coming to Europe we had already decided to use only public transport as one of the ways of experiencing the life as locals do. We were super excited at the prospect of staying in a 14th Century Monastery, now converted into the luxurious Hotel Mandarin Oriental Prague.

Mandarin oriental hotel prague review

Prague Mandarin Oriental Hotel, main entrance. The high walls are one of the symbols of the original monastery

The tram snaked its way through the

Confusing numbers in Prague

Baarle is obviously not the only city which is strange. Looking around, there are so many more. Here is another confusing city, not because of the confounding border issues but one that’s created by the city governance.
Of course these are not the only reasons for Prague to be a tourist destination.

Astronomical clock

There are Castles, Churches, old bridges, modern buildings, Museums, Zoo and astronomical clocks too. The list is endless.
Prague is one of the oldest settlements in the history of Humans… as old as the Paleolithic era. That’s quite old! Of course the places to eat in Prague are not that old. 😛

Coming back to the confusion created by man.
There are